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Smooth Surface Tatami Mats 1.5” Thick

Factory has been producing quality sport mats for over 40 years
Product Details
Veio Sports Traditional Martial Arts Matting is the definitive of matting for traditional martial arts. The word "Veio" literally translates to "old" from Portuguese. While it is understood that martial arts has evolved over the years, it is felt that a level of tradition should always play a factor when setting up a traditional dojo. Veio mats provides just that, by putting the simplicity back into their products, focusing only on safety and performance, ...not marketing.

Quality Construction

1m x 2m x 1.5” in size
230kg foam density
Hygienic & Easy to Clean
Comfort+ Multi Density PU Foam
Superior Impact Technology
Life Expectancy Over 20+ Years
Reinforced Heat Sealed Edges & Corners
Sure-Grip Non-Slip Surface
Anti-Microbial Surface
Fire Rated
1m x 2m x 1.5” in size
Meets international tournament standards
230kg foam density
Meets IJF standards. 12-15lb/ sq inch of compressed, multi-density PU Foam allows for the most shock absorption on the market.
The foam core of every mat is made from 100% recycled materials.
Hygienic & Easy to Clean
The smooth, non-slip surface allows for very easy cleaning using a micro fibre mop.
Comfort+ Multi Density PU Foam
With the specially treated vinyl and Comfort+ Multi Density PU foam core, this allows for comfortable grappling sessions, without mat burn. As well as offering a firm surface for quality striking but offers double the amount of shock absorption for heavy impact of throws and takedowns. Making this mat the safest martial arts mat on the market.
Superior Impact Technology
Made with multi density, open cell technology, not affected by temperature change. The open cell technology traps the air inside the foam upon impact and dissipates the G-shock by holding on to the impact within the foam core. (Other mats such as roll out mats use closed cell technology which flush the air out of the foam upon impact and repel the G-shock back to the impact point).
Life Expectancy Over 20+ Years
Our factory has been producing sport matting and foam products for over 40 years. In such time they have proven their average life expectancy to exceed 20 years. Saving the money on long term costs on not having to replace their mats every few years.
Reinforced Heat Sealed Edges & Corners
Thermally sealed on all edges and corners to resist moisture absorption and product deterioration.
Sure-Grip Non-Slip Surface
Specially treated, pleasant-touch, non slip PVC vinyl surface allows for NO MAT BURN while grappling, and sure-footedness when planting your feet when doing stand up training.
Anti-microbial surface
Specially treated vinyl to increase protection against microbes such as bacteria, mould, and mildew that cause stains and odors and can lead to product deterioration.
Fire Rated
Specially treated 19oz PVC vinyl with woven polyester backing that does not ignite when lit on fire. Tested for flammability per ASTM E 648-99 and meets NFPA 101 Class II for flame spread.
  • Size: 1M x 2M x 40mm (1.5” x 39.4” x 78.8”)
  • Surface Texture: Smooth but not slippery PVC vinyl
  • Anti skid bottom, 29oz waffle texture latex rubber backing,
    allows mat to sit firmly on the ground without moving around
  • Density: 230kg
  • Tensile Strength DIN53354 - 2480/2420 N/5cm
  • Tear Resistance DIN53363 - 310/420 N
  • 10 Year Limited Warranty

Have been used in the Olympics &
other International Martial Arts tournaments

As a business owner sometimes we are faced with challenges and decisions that maybe we don't have the answers for. One of these situations occurred to me and Landmark Athletics was a saving grace. They were nothing short of professional. They came to my school personally (it was my sales reps day off as well) to help me with a challenge that I thought would take weeks to overcome. He provided a solution in just a few hours. It was amazing how quick he came in, took measurements for mats and the next day new Mats were on their way to my school. Thank you for all your efforts. I would recommend Landmark Athletics and Veio Mats to anyone. Kru Mel Bellissimo, Lanna MMA, Toronto
I installed the mats this weekend and must say that they are really good! I have never stepped on a set like this. They are soft, slick yet have a decent grip for stand-up and I did not slip. We rolled last night at midnight in NO-GI to break them in and it was VERY comfortable. -Pat Major, Unik Skills Training, Kingston
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